Awful Auteurs: Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda


Glen or Glenda was Ed Wood's first directed film. It was originally supposed to be called I Changed My Sex. After all, producer George Weiss had already printed up the movie posters. It was meant to capitalize on the outrageous story of Christine Jorgenson, whose famed gender reassignment survey titillated Americans. Ed, however, made the film more about transsexualism than gender reassignment. Cobbling together random stock footage and casting his childhood hero Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood creates one of the most Woodsian films of his career.

Ed thought his film would be well received, but it was a disaster, displeasing producer George Weiss and incapable of making back its meager budget. The whole debacle didn't sour Ed Wood on movie making, however; he would eagerly search for another opportunity to make another film.